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Sotc India Tour Packages A Gift From Kuoni Travel India

SOTC India service, a part of the Kuoni Holidays group, offers the best way to take a vacation, alone or with your family or friends. It promises the travelers with the most beautiful trip of their life. The SOTC tours offered by the SOTC India service are available at the discounted prices, thereby proving to be a good deal.

The SOTC India tours often provide the railway booking to the tourists who come to India from the foreign countries to visit the main hubs of India, like Mumbai and Delhi as well as the various other popular tourist destinations in India.

The rail bookings offered by SOTC India offer a comfortable travel to the tourists coming to India. It offers booking in the 1st class and 2nd class train compartments.

The Kuoni Travel with its SOTC tours packages provides the travelers with an opportunity to travel in India while seeing the cities, villages, mountains and rivers. The train tickets are offered at really affordable prices by the SOTC India tour service. Hence, it pays to travel in India on a train, especially as arranged by the SOTC tours service. It truly is a different and certainly a unique experience.

The travel and lodging bookings are also taken care of by the Kuoni Travel services. When it comes to the hotel booking, SOTC India works in collaboration with the best hotels in all the Indian hill stations as well as all the major destinations.

The Kuoni Travel also offers some really good SOTC tours offers at the Christmas as well as the New Year holidays.

SOTC offers a number of wonderful packages that can prove to be a wonderful way of spending vacations in an exotic foreign land, that too at really cheap prices.

The international destinations included in the international

Jan 12

New Zealand And The Gay Traveler

The diverse geography and culture of New Zealand has always made it a hotspot as a destination for a gay vacation, due in part to the accepting, open mindset of the locals and important laws that forbid discrimination against LGBT community members, as well as the country’s natural allure and numerous adventures and activities available in every region of this awe-inspiring nation.

Folks in search of gay travel experiences in New Zealand will find that there is no end to the possibilities, including relaxing on gorgeous beaches, skiing and snowboarding at several resorts, trekking through expanses of wilderness or partaking in the lively nightlife of many of New Zealand’s cosmopolitan cities. Whether you are in search of a laidback family vacation on the shore, or a wild week of LGBT Pride celebrations, New Zealand is an exceptional option for gay vacations of all types.

Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch are a few of New Zealand’s larger cities that are home to thriving LGBT populations, a variety of Pride events and an array of pubs, clubs, restaurants and businesses that welcome the community. For travelers interested in a city-based gay vacation, these cities are great options that are sure to delight visitors looking for an exciting nightlife and numerous dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities. Travelers looking to fit a bit of snowboarding or skiing into their trip will be happy to know that both South Island and North Island have ski resorts, which allows for day trips to the snow in between touring historical sites, going to cultural events or traveling to some of the smaller islands of New Zealand.

New Zealand gay vacations can be centered around spiritual awakening or renewal, spending long days at beautiful beaches, snowboarding and skiing, or partaking in enticing adventures that appeal

Jan 12

How To Choose Hotel

Under the assumption that you have already selected a destination, means of transport and possibly travel agency, if you want to use their services, you still need only to choose a hotel.

Here are some tips and guidelines that will help you to select the right hotel:
1.Define the class of hotel, ie number of stars that categorized each hotel establishment. Of course this will depend a lot on personal finance so choose it according to your abilities.
2.Specify the type of room or apartment. Select, if possible, to have a nice view from the room.
3.Ask about hygiene at the hotel, how often they changing the sheets, throw out garbage, and more. Next, learn, is staff friendly and welcoming.
4.Consider whether you are more important locations or hotel facilities, or both, and thus also making a selection.
5.See on a map where exactly the hotel is. Check on the internet offerings, unless of course has its own web site.
6.Ask or with your travel agency or directly at the hotel what is the time to enter and leave the room.
7.Find out what kind of security level is at the hotel and is there a safe where you can leave valuables and documents during your stay.
8.Find in one of the internet forums, if there are experiences of people who have already stayed in that hotel. Also talk with some friends if they know something about that hotel. Any advice and suggestions are welcome here to get the full picture and to make good choices. You should choose an online hotel directory that gives up-to-date, independent, impartial information that really matters.

Find out about extra charges, special benefits are usually paid. Do not forget to check the local tax and do

Jan 11

Travel Bags From Chanel Coco Cocoon Collection

Travel is exciting, but nothing can beat the expectance of traveling with the one you love. Together you make fancy plans, book tickets and hotels, and dream of every sweet moments you will experience. Then you need a reliable and fashionable travel bags such as the Chanel Coco Cocoon Travel Bags. These carryalls are made in firm nylon or lambskin with puffy quilting and a trolley. There are various style to choose, including:

Chanel Large Nylon Duffle Bag
This Chanel bag is measured at 15″ x 23.5″ x 12″ and there are grey and black version to choose. Like its tote counterpart, this large quilted nylon duffel is lightweight and features a puffed horizontal quilting. It has an adjustable strap, dark nylon lining, an interior zipped pocket and ruthenium hardware pieces.

Chanel Nylon Bowling Bag
Measure at 11″ x 17.5″ x 8″, this Chanel bag is lightweight and features a diamond quilting design. It has an exterior black strap to fit over trolley handle. The bag features a dark red nylon lining and has a top zip closure, interior and exterior zipped pockets, and Ruthenium hardware. Its available in Brown/Ivory, Red/Black, Black/Red, Grey, Dark Brown, Taupe, and Black.

Chanel Lambskin Backpack
This Chanel backpack is my favorite. It measures at 13″ x 11.5″ x 4.5″ and has soft adjustable straps, a dark red leather lining, flap front with snap closure, interior and exterior zipped pockets and Ruthenium hardware. It comes in colors: Black, Dark Red and Ivory.

Chanel Nylon Toiletry Case
With the dimension of 6″ x 11.5″ x 6″, this diamond quilted nylon zip-top toiletry case is a necessity for traveling, which features a zip closure, interior and exterior zipped pockets, a key fob, and Ruthenium hardware. The case comes in a

Jan 11

Forget the Traveling Hassles with Brisbane Car Rentals

Brisbane is a must-see place if you are visiting Australia, particularly the Queensland. This marvelous city is located in the south east corner of Queensland and exhibits matchless lifestyle and attitude. You will be delighted to explore this historical city, which is magnificently nestled halfway between two of the best beaches in the country – the sun kissed Gold Coast to the South and the splendid Sunshine Coast to the North. Availing the facilities of car rental at Brisbane airport is an efficient way to expedite your journey outside of the city limits.

One of the most popular tourist hang out of Brisbane is the South Bank, which showcases marvelous beach, sprawling picnic spots, amazing shops, various caf and eating joints. At South Bank, you will find a number of activities to indulge in all year round. You can either go and catch up a movie or spoil yourself with free live entertainment and festivals. With Brisbane car rentals at your service, your holidays will surely be among the most memorable ones. Another major draw card for overseas visitors is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, where you can see a variety of Australian wildlife. It is a perfect place to visit with your family, as the kids will love watching the incredible animals. Here you can even hold the Koala, or feed the Kangaroo and see the reptiles and other animals closely. You can also take your kids to the many parklands, museums, and wildlife parks of the city, where they will have the best time of their life. With easy availability of car hire in Brisbane, you can enjoy your holidays without the hassles of traveling.

This swanky city is famous for the Brisbane River, where you can hop on a City Cat and explore the whole

Jan 10

Bali Boutique Hotels Provide Comfort and Luxury In A Land of Festivals

Bali has long been referred to as the “Island of the Gods”, and numerous tourists flock to the island each year. While any time of year will be filled with different sights and activities, those who visit during certain times will experience an added bonus to their visit. Bali is host to several different festivals that occur each year, and some of these bring excitement and sights that are unmatched anywhere else on the planet. Knowing when these festivals occur and what to expect can make planning or enjoying your stay in Bali boutique hotels even more enjoyable than normal.

Small festivals occur with regularity, due to the over twenty thousand Hindu temples that cover the island. Each temple holds its own celebratory festival twice each year, sometimes more. Funerals that occur on the island are also colourful affairs and often see the dead being cremated in extravagant rituals. While these small festivals and events are common and hard to pinpoint an exact time for, other festivals that are much larger and more significant are easier to predict and much more of an event. In some cases the Bali boutique hotels may even take part in the festivals, for better or for worse.

Every two hundred and ten days, the ten day festival known as Galungan occurs. This celebration is held in honour of the death of the ancient tyrant Mayadenawa, and bamboo poles bear gifts for the returning spirits of Gods and ancestors alike who visit the island over the course of the ten days. This is truly a spectacle and a unique experience, and you’ll likely see the signs of it from any of the Bali boutique hotels that dot the area. But all of these festivals pale in comparison to Nyepi, the Hindu New Year. This is

Jan 09

The Exotic Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore

The effervescent district of pulsating and vibrant business and commercial infrastructure presents for its esteemed travelers and tourists an enchanting wonder in the fabulous of the lodges in Singapore city, the exotic Marina Mandarin Hotel. Catch a flight to Singapore the splendid city of Singapore and discover the award winning secrets of the exceedingly hospitable abode.

The marvelous Marina Mandarin is a glamorous architecture which flames and strikes with a royal beauty of its extravagant building construction which constitutes to the most chic and state of the art engineering architecture of the hotel which makes it unique and elegant compared to any other exciting venue to be seen in the stimulating city of Singapore. The highly elating internals of the Marina Mandarin are an opulent space for the lodgers and business tourists to revive in as they can experience the exultation of life style and an elation of class in the fabulous enchantments of the laminated marble setting, delighting dcor, tantalizing themes and pulsating furniture placed in the swish lobbies, posh lounges and plush check inn areas of the marvelous hotel.

Sit and rejoice from a exhilarating glass of exotic smoothie, cock tail, mock tail, coffee, tea or fresh fruit drink being seated in the amazing cafs of the hotel or the highly reviving lounges in the internal of the hotels premises where you can revitalize in the exceedingly ambient environ and rejoice from exciting channels and programs that are screened on the Flat LCDs that are mounted on the walls of the hotel throughout the hotels interiors.

Find a high tech stack of impeccable facilities and amenities the hotel endows in its magnificent business spaces and meeting rooms for the convenience of the business class guests from around the world and due to this very reason,

Jan 07

The Key To Successful Hotel Solutions

Heading into an obstacle like losing profit due to reservation errors, piled up papers and trying to put things back together when your system crashes are some problems that hotel owners want to avoid. In the hotel business, it is important that everything should work in an organized manner, and customer satisfaction is your way to learn. That is why most players in the hospitality industry turn to hotel solutions products such as hotel reservation software for better management of business.

The best hotel solutions software creators are those that have been in the business for over 20 years and had been a leading innovator in hotel software. That means giving you a high quality product that has been tested for years. At a cost effective price, this product is designed to adapt small scale hotel business to the larger scale.

There are a lot of benefits when using hotel solutions software to meet the needs of the business. Managing a hotel is an easy task when using hotel reservation software. It has an adaptability feature; it enables management to customize the software to fit specific marketing needs.

Nowadays, hotel solutions offered are focused on value, protection and peace of mind. We have new business card scanning functionality, special methods of pay which gives you options to assign different payment methods to reservations, enhanced payment card functionality and an online backup solution which ensure full security to backed-up all data.

There is also a feature that allows prospective customers to have online booking via the internet. This feature is advanced internet reservation service. Thus, this product can assist you as it automatically adds up the reservations made to your system, helping you get rid of double reservations or missed reservations.

There are ongoing updates to

Jan 07

Traveling Through Tuscany

Located in central Italy, Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Full of rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and medieval towns, you could spend unlimited time seeing the sites, tasting amazing food and wine, and experiencing all that Tuscany has to offer. Some of the most popular destinations in Tuscany include Florence, Siena, Pisa, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Lucca and the famous Chianti region. On our first trip to Italy we spent a week in Tuscany, and it was barely even enough time to scratch the surface of this amazing place.

Getting to Tuscany
If you’re flying into Tuscany, the main airport is in Florence, however you can also fly into Pisa. If you are traveling from other parts of Italy, the train is your best option, unless you have already rented a car.


Just like the rest of Italy, Tuscany has an excellent public transport system, and you can get to most main destinations on the train, and smaller towns on buses. This however, can restrict you to only seeing the towns and cities of Tuscany. I found that the best transport option was to hire a car to travel around. Car hire in Italy is fairly cheap, and it gives you the freedom to go where ever you want and truly experience the beautiful Tuscan countryside. It also makes traveling to small towns a lot easier as you don’t have to worry about changing trains and buses, which can be a bit of a hassle. Along with this, driving on the roads with the Italians is quite an experience! To hire a car in Tuscany go to Europecar.com.


All main towns and cities in Tuscany offer a wide range of accommodation. Hostels and inns are very affordable, and there are all ranges

Jan 07

An Overview of the City of London

This article is a quick overview of the City of London. It’s also a glimpse at the population, a small portion of recent history, and how that has affected the views of its citizens. Lastly, it’s a quick overview of some landmarks and activities available to London’s residents and visitors. All which will be covered in greater detail in this series of articles.

Any conversation of the five or so greatest cities in the world automatically includes London. Whether you are talking about leading financial centres, cultural, educational, political, or entertainment centres, doesn’t really matter. London will be mentioned as a leader in these and many more categories.

The population of London is quite diverse, and an estimated 300 different languages are spoken by its inhabitants. Those inhabitants number about 7.5 million, in the city and boroughs, and a total of 12 to 14 million in the metropolitan area combined. This ranks the London metro area at 18th in the list of the largest world metropolitan areas.

London was the largest metropolitan area in the world by population from 1825 to 1925, but has been overtaken by many cities around the world, and probably just as well. The diverse population is a lesson in tolerance, with 30 % of the population being born outside the U.K. Perhaps it’s not so much tolerance as apathy. Londoners are not known for their warmth towards foreigners, but London is a place of business and it is necessary to get along to do business.

Certainly no one could blame Londoners for feeling a little distain towards its immigrant population, but they really don’t. London has long been a target of terrorist attacks of one kind or another. Without going too far back into history you can try imagining what it would have been like to be raising children

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