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Tourists Guide to London, the Capital of England

A world powerhouse and Europe’s biggest city, London is one of the ultimate city-break destinations. Whether you enjoy its fabulous art, history and architecture, breathtaking sights, world-class cultural events, fine dining and vibrant nightlife or top quality theatre, ballet and opera, this pulsating metropolis fits the bill. While the capital often enjoys the limelight thanks to a number of high profile sporting events such as cricket at the Oval and Lords, tennis at Wimbledon and this year’s Tour de France, there’s even more of a buzz these day as it limbers up to host the 2012 Olympic Games.

There’s a wide range of accommodation from budget youth hostels to some of the most luxuriously expensive hotels on the planet. It’s not cheap but it’s certainly unforgettable.

Getting there/getting around London

London is easily accessible by road. Of the major motorways, you can travel to London from the M1 in the north, the M4 and M40 in the west, the M3 and M23 in the south and the M2 and M20 in the east. If you’re flying, choose from Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and City airports. By coach, nearly all national services come into Victoria coach station. Once you’re in London, you can choose the bus, train or tube.

You’ll also spy plenty of the capital’s iconic black taxi cabs, but they do tend to be on the expensive side. Driving in London is quite an experience and not for the faint-hearted. If you do drive or hire a car, remember that during the week you’ll have to pay the congestion charge (�8) between the hours of 7am and 6pm.

Sightseeing in London

You’d need a few weeks to tour all of London’s famous landmarks, galleries, museums, parks etc. Probably the best way to get your bearings and take in as many famous landmarks as possible is

Oct 13

You Need To Be Safe When Traveling

Tap water, if it’s available, may not be treated the same as it is at home, which can cause traveler’s diarrhea. Bottled water is free from parasites and bacteria that can cause you to get sick, making it your safest bet for drinking and preparing coffee and food.

Never put important medication, electronics, or documents into your checked baggage! If something is important or would cause serious problems if it were lost, make sure it stays with your carry-on bag, and keep a close eye on it while going through security. You’re always better off safe than sorry.46;

If you are traveling by airplane, be sure to check in for your flight the day before to confirm you will be traveling. When you check in, make a note of your flight numbers and then a few hours before you are scheduled to depart, check the status of your plane to see if it is on time, delayed or canceled so you can plan accordingly.

If you are preparing to travel and have questions about the hotel you are going to stay at, try calling late at night. The hotel is typically not busy around midnight, which means that you will receive the undivided attention of the employee. The worker is also more likely to give you advice about attractions and restaurants around the city.

If you are going to a different country, it is best to exchange for local currency once you arrive at your destination. Many times you will get a better exchange rate than you would in your home country. Nothing beats saving some money when you are going to be traveling.

Pack lightly when traveling. People always tend to pack much more than is necessary, and end up using only about half of what they take. Choose a few items that you

Oct 13

Hotels That Stand Apart From The Rest-Boutique Hotels

The second largest city of Canada is Montreal and it is 3rd largest city which is one of the most popular and frequently visited destinations in the region of North America. It is a great city to visit for both the business travelers and tourists. It has been attracting a large number of people from all around the world. Finding a hotel in the city is quite a simple task as you can easily do it by browsing the hotels web portal and it is subjected to the availability and you will get the confirmation right away.

The regular hotels whatever star ratings they have will have some features but Montreal in Canada is quite different in this category. They have some specialized hotels the boutique hotels. It is a privilege to get an accommodation here as it is pretty difficult to get one.

The rooms are limited in every such abode. One of the reasons is the smaller the number of guests the better the service they can be given. This is the motto of the boutique hotels here. And this city which is amidst lush green atmosphere has plenty of such to cater to the needs of the visitors to this place.

Montreal is not only a location with enthralling scenery worth watching but also a place which is well developed and has many corporate world visitors. The business class need not only a place to work but also to enjoy their leisure time and Montreal is not far behind in supplying what these men and women from this section of society ask for.

The finest Montreal boutique hotels are situated on the beach side, central part of the city and every location you think of. You can have your pick of the location

Oct 13

Travel Scrapbook Ideas

If you are fond of travel and love to keep a travel journal, why not try scrapbook? Making an attractive travel scrapbook gives you an organized way to share your travel with family and friends. It also gives you precious memories for browsing when you need a mental vacation. If you do not usually make travel journal or keep a diary when you are travelling, start keeping one to preserve your memory. Here are some tips and ideas to help you start.

Picture Taking
A great scrapbook starts with exquisite pictures. Look for signs around the area you are visiting. Whether you are at a historical monument, scenic spot or beach, photos show your memory wonderfully. Food is such a happy part of travelling and get together, dont forget to take pictures of the food you eat and the restaurants you repast. Look out for landmarks, artwork and signs on the ground, taking pictures of them to record the special area. Capture your companions and enjoying their smile.

Preserving Your Memory
If you’re interested in travel scrapbooking, then preserving your travel memories is important to you. Before you begin scrapbooking you must learn to recall your exciting memory of the whole day. What is the happy moment to remember and what is not expected by you all. Then its time to collect and organize the pieces of the travel and plan a travel scrapbook.

Begin with Proper Software
If you don’t consider yourself a crafty person but still would like your photos organized in an attractive scrapbook, this may be the right option for you. Experiment with proper scrapbooking software always makes the whole work easy and interesting. You can apply a proper template to define the style of your scrapbook. Changing the background of it and

Oct 11

Disadvantages Of Booking Online On Travel Portals

Online travel portal allows the customer to find the various destination of their choice, Information related to the place, availability, price comparison and hotel reservation or if they are looking for any package then they can also find with the help of the Various Vacation Package Booking. A traveler can enjoy a fast and efficient search for your travel need with the help of Online Travel Portals. Prior to the invention of Internet People used to visit the Travel agents and Tour operators for their Hotel Booking, Car Reservation or Excursion. But What I have seen that though the Online Travel Portals offers so options available to the end customer it still fails to attract the maximum number of Target Audience. We will discuss what are those Disadvantages of Travel Portals in the below.

1) Limited Options: Travel Agents who are offering good rates may not have the online Travel Booking Engine where the customer can directly book his Tickets and get the confirmation.

2) Real Time Confirmation: Many Tour Operators System will allow the customer to book online but do not offer real time confirmation.

3) Hidden fees and Security: Travel Agents and Tour operators they often advertise low rates to attract the customer but then they charge some hidden fees. Booking Travel Online requires to pay some amount to pay in advance this will put the customer in risk through an insecure website.

4) Paid Advertisements: Booking online will rarely gives a Customer to speak with someone about the service. There might be a case that Customer will find a testimonials on the website of Travel Agents and Supplier website but you can be never sure weather it is paid advertisement or genuine.

5) Specific Needs: Customer cannot confirm the specific requirement while making the Online Booking

Oct 11

Traveling And Telecommunication

From the beginning of time, communicating while on the move has been a difficult task. Whether moving armies or products, the ability to communicate during travel is a pressing need. Travel has always meant a loss of personal contact during a journey, at stopovers, and even during a period of readjustment after reaching the final destination. It is not surprising then that developing techniques for communicating at all times would be of such critical importance. And with the advent of wireless technology, people have begun to discover ways to fulfill this need.

The first telecommunications devices with mobile capability came around the turn of the 20th Century with the invention of the wireless telegraph. Mobile technology boomed again in the period between World War I and World War II, with the invention of the radio telephone. But until the creation of the first rudimentary transistor, the technology was hampered by bulky hardware and outrageous costs. One downfall of this was that the new technology could only be utilized by the military, specifically in the areas of sea and air transport.

Technicians figured out that by spreading out frequencies, low enough to achieve extensive coverage, they could provide easier and cheaper mobile communications. But still the technology could only allow only for a limited number of simultaneous transmissions, and the quality of those transmissions was not all that great. Only advances in microelectronics and especially in microwave integrated and hybrid circuits, made it possible to move the frequency up. This opened the door to cellular telecommunications systems, which require the help of powerful computer programming.

Today, cellular phones offer general access to communication in practically any type of vehicle. Although coverage areas may vary greatly, the cell phone has become an indispensable device for travelers looking to stay in contact. The

Oct 10

Boutique Hotels Fewer Rooms, Higher Style

One of the reasons boutique hotels are so popular is because they directly oppose the accepted hotel normality of hundreds of rooms and bland service. Their refusal to treat guests as anything other than honoured visitors means that they spend time, money and energy developing a hotel where you feel comfortable and at home. This can only really be achieved with low room numbers.

Hotels in this sector have discovered that travellers are willing to pay for accommodation that is different in design and where even full occupancy means they’re not queuing for breakfast or waiting for room service to answer the phones. Instead, fewer rooms means more space and better service, and an increasing number of travellers are taking this option.


Space is important to travellers, particularly those for whom the hotel is an integral part of the experience. Whilst other holiday makers or business travellers simply use a hotel as a base for sleeping and eating, boutique hotel guests want to feel that they can spend the morning drinking coffee and reading in the public areas without feeling like a nuisance, or relax by the pool without worrying about fighting for poolside space with other guests. By taking a definite decision to reduce the number of bedrooms so that each room has more space and by fashioning public areas that guests actually want to use, boutique hotels create a unique atmosphere that appeals to guests.


Boutique hotels are often based in older, traditional buildings where creating larger guest rooms means considerable changes to the internal design of the building. Sympathetic architectural changes can be achieved with careful planning and this allows hotel owners and their designers to maintain and incorporate original features into a more modern, spacious room design. From keeping

Oct 10

How To Avoid Threats While Using Hotel Wi-Fi

While checking in any hotel, our first concern is always that if we and our valuables will be provided proper safety. We except the management, not to share our room keys and take care to keep our luggage and belongings secure. But that is not the only threat as the thing of much concern is the free hotel Wi-Fi that you will be provided. The threat is not just limited to free Wi-Fi in hotels but also to the public places that offer free internet connectivity for their customers such as libraries, cafs, restaurants etc, as many people fail to browse internet safely. They can ensure the safe internet browsing by applying some simple safeguards.

Hotel Wi-Fi has the same security risks as does the coffee shops, they not only compromise on your personal details, making you more susceptible but you also suffer these high threats of malicious virus attacks. However, there are always those preventive measures that you can adopt to overcome or at least minimize you’re the risks:

Always use a virtual private network (VPN) for browsing the internet. VPN’s ensure your safety, preventing your online communications from any interception, by doing encryption. This is the most basic step to keep all your personal information intact, when you are travelling.

As most of us are aware of the significance of -HTTPS- which is used for secure internet browsing. Make sure that you only visit the websites with -HTTPS- in their address. It is important not to share any personal information while travelling but if you can’t avoid it then you can at least take care of the -HTTPS- in the URL, which ensures that it is secured.

Make sure to turn on the firewall and keep it updated, which is a good rescue as

Oct 09

Choosing The Best Serviced Apartments to Stay in Birmingham

Birmingham is all set to become the centre of educational and commercial activity in England. With grand plans of making the city into a hub for industries, more and more service apartments are expected to spring up in the region for satisfying the boarding requirements of visiting industrialists. The city with its picturesque locales and uptown shopping centres is a splendid location to stay for a short while. Birmingham is often the called the Second largest city in the UK second only to London. Its convenient central location makes it a good stopping point for short tours as well as for businesses which are seen to be having a steady stride in the recent days. Choosing a staying facility in the city is dependent on the purpose it serves. Although accommodation facilities are available in plenty, nothing comes close to the comfort and flexibility of serviced apartments in Birmingham. They are very much apt for students and professional alike who are given a good amount of privacy without any compromise on quality.

Birmingham has a good number of serviced apartments in its vicinity as it is a major base for industries and universities. The city also receives a good amount of foreign visitors who visit the city for weekend retreats and shopping sprees. Although there is no dearth of good hotels in the city, the option of serviced apartments in Birmingham is gaining popularity due to the fact that they offer more freedom to stay away from home for a couple of weeks or even months together. Hotels rooms world-wide are detested for their lack of space, restricted flexibility and sometimes rigid meal timings which are big obstacles for someone who wants to have some free time.

Visitors who visit Birmingham for a short vacation or shopping will never be disappointed. Most

Oct 09

Time Travel Through Astral Projection

Astral projection time travel is an advanced technique that practitioners say is possible. But its important to recognize that one cannot simply start projecting on day one and expect to be able to time travel. It does take some time and practice.

Their are many different realms to travel to. The astral planes are a vast beyond imagination, however it seems possible to more or less categorize the astral planes into five realms. These are in no particular order, the realm of time(time travel), the realm of the cosmos(space), the realm of guidance(intellect and wisdom) and the realm of spirituality. It’s also believed that each realm has many levels and as the levels are dispersed upward throughout each realm

One should recognize that the need or attempt to think of the astral planes as organized or categorized is purely for the purposes of our physical mind. How and what the astral planes are we will never truly know. And neither does it matter, it’s there to be explored. It is a skill we are born with each and everyone one of us, whether or not we consciously choose to exercise it.

Having said that, it would also appear that their are gateway like areas that lead us from the initial astral plane to other realms. As you might imagine, they are more or less organized by realm. There is the gate of time, the gate of the cosmos, the gate of the spiritual plane and the catchall gate of the other realms.

If you wish to travel to other times, advance practitioners suggest its definitely possible to visit these other realms as passive observers. Of course this is the case with all astral travel. We can observe, learn about the universe and the world around us, but never affect any

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