Oct 04

Hotel Web Page Design

These days many hotels have their own web page and if done correctly this can draw significant clients.

Indeed, while I do not specialise in the hotel industry as a web designer I know of two different hoteliers who have confided in me that their near-100% occupancy rates are driven almost entirely by their web page traffic.

It is not unusual for a hotel web page to account for 90+% of guests as the web takes over from the good old fashioned yellow pages as the place to look for accommodation.

The benefits of hotel web page design of course are clear.

Guests feel safer as they are unlikely to experience any nasty surprises having been to your web page and checked you out.

As well as often seeing pictures of the rooms, guests may well have been able to see pictures of the outside (making your hotel easier to identify) and location maps to help visitors find you quickly and efficiently.

Local amenities are another useful feature when it comes to hotel web page design – giving potential guests an idea of their closest transport links, noteworthy tourist destinations and places to eat.

You may choose to give comments from your guest book directly on your hotel web page as a third party endorsement of the quality stay guests can expect.

So a hotel web page design should aim to satisfy all the above while presenting a reliable and trustworthy impression. Your web page design and colors should create a welcoming feel to potential guests – much as your hotel does.

If you operate a new, light and airy style of hotel, then design a page to match that and you will attract similar guests.

If your hotel is older, richer and more cosy then again try to suggest this through your design.

The question of *who* should design your hotel web page is a further consideration.

It is of course possible these days to do a very good job yourself if you have the inclination. This has the added benefit of saving you considerable money and giving you total control over every element of the design.

On the other hand you may opt to have a professional web page design company put your site together which saves you time but will of course increase the cost of the project.

Either way, a hotel web page can prove a real asset to your business and I wish you every success with it.


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