Oct 10

How To Avoid Threats While Using Hotel Wi-Fi

While checking in any hotel, our first concern is always that if we and our valuables will be provided proper safety. We except the management, not to share our room keys and take care to keep our luggage and belongings secure. But that is not the only threat as the thing of much concern is the free hotel Wi-Fi that you will be provided. The threat is not just limited to free Wi-Fi in hotels but also to the public places that offer free internet connectivity for their customers such as libraries, cafs, restaurants etc, as many people fail to browse internet safely. They can ensure the safe internet browsing by applying some simple safeguards.

Hotel Wi-Fi has the same security risks as does the coffee shops, they not only compromise on your personal details, making you more susceptible but you also suffer these high threats of malicious virus attacks. However, there are always those preventive measures that you can adopt to overcome or at least minimize you’re the risks:

Always use a virtual private network (VPN) for browsing the internet. VPN’s ensure your safety, preventing your online communications from any interception, by doing encryption. This is the most basic step to keep all your personal information intact, when you are travelling.

As most of us are aware of the significance of -HTTPS- which is used for secure internet browsing. Make sure that you only visit the websites with -HTTPS- in their address. It is important not to share any personal information while travelling but if you can’t avoid it then you can at least take care of the -HTTPS- in the URL, which ensures that it is secured.

Make sure to turn on the firewall and keep it updated, which is a good rescue as it puts off many malicious risks. Many computers can have their file sharing option on by default. Hence, it is always ideal to turn off the file sharing to ensure that there would not be any loss of personal information.

Another very important and very basic preventive measure is to keep your internet browser up to date. Many browsers offer special features to ensure your security, keeping you alert about any potential threat. Nevertheless, all these steps might not ensure your complete safety while using browsing internet but they are very much likely to minimize all the potential threats to a great degree.

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