Jan 12

New Zealand And The Gay Traveler

The diverse geography and culture of New Zealand has always made it a hotspot as a destination for a gay vacation, due in part to the accepting, open mindset of the locals and important laws that forbid discrimination against LGBT community members, as well as the country’s natural allure and numerous adventures and activities available in every region of this awe-inspiring nation.

Folks in search of gay travel experiences in New Zealand will find that there is no end to the possibilities, including relaxing on gorgeous beaches, skiing and snowboarding at several resorts, trekking through expanses of wilderness or partaking in the lively nightlife of many of New Zealand’s cosmopolitan cities. Whether you are in search of a laidback family vacation on the shore, or a wild week of LGBT Pride celebrations, New Zealand is an exceptional option for gay vacations of all types.

Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch are a few of New Zealand’s larger cities that are home to thriving LGBT populations, a variety of Pride events and an array of pubs, clubs, restaurants and businesses that welcome the community. For travelers interested in a city-based gay vacation, these cities are great options that are sure to delight visitors looking for an exciting nightlife and numerous dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities. Travelers looking to fit a bit of snowboarding or skiing into their trip will be happy to know that both South Island and North Island have ski resorts, which allows for day trips to the snow in between touring historical sites, going to cultural events or traveling to some of the smaller islands of New Zealand.

New Zealand gay vacations can be centered around spiritual awakening or renewal, spending long days at beautiful beaches, snowboarding and skiing, or partaking in enticing adventures that appeal to families, groups of friends or couples. While there is simply too much to see and do to manage to fit it all into just one trip, planning to partake in a gay vacation with an organized tour group is one of the best ways to make sure you do not miss some of the best sights and experiences that New Zealand offers.

For folks who would rather travel solo, planning your trip through a gay travel agency is the best way to stay up to date on the latest LGBT goings-on, as well as current information that is helpful to the members of the LGBT community when traveling in New Zealand.


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