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Seven Ways to Meet Single People in London

London has a higher proportion of single people than anywhere else in the UK. Studies consistently show that single people account for approximately half the London population within the age-range 20-59.

However, the city’s hectic nature and sheer mass of numbers can make most interactions very brief and very impersonal. As a consequence, life can be very lonely as a singleton in London despite the number of potentially available partners. Therefore, if you’re single and feel your love-life needs a boost, then we hope the seven methods outlined below will aid you in your search for a suitable partner.

Join a Social Networking Organisation based around Offline Socialising

There are a variety of social network organisations in London. They often run thousands of offline events each year. While the largest are not officially single networks, they are full of single people. Two of the leading social networks open to Londoners are Meetup and CitySocialising.

Meetup provides the world’s largest collection of local groups. They provide the functionality for individuals to set up or join a Meetup group relating to absolutely any subject or activity. There are over a thousand Meetup groups in London with approximately 100,000 members in total. Many Meetup groups are free to join, while others require a membership fee or payment at each event. If you want to start your own group there is a fee, which can be recuperated if you decide to charge members.

To start organising a Meetup group will cost around �12 for a month-to-month billing option. If you decide to initially subscribe to a longer period of 6-months, the cost is reduced to approximately �7.50 per month. For these payments, members are actually given the option to organise up to three separate social groups on the Meetup network at no extra charge. The Meetup philosophy is to ‘use the Internet to get off the Internet”.

CitySocialising London is also another huge social networking organisation. They’re a subscription based service mainly marketed at professionals in the capital. They currently boast a membership exceeding 65,000 in London alone. The service allows members to make contact with others who share similar interest and hobbies. You can also set up your own social group, relating to any interest, with the membership and organisation functionality provided by CitySocialising.

CitySocialising is another service that promotes online2offline socialising and is free to join. However, free membership only provides very limited access to events. In practice, to obtain the real benefits of the network you must upgrade your membership to ‘Bronze’ or ‘Silver’. The starting monthly subscription rate for Bronze membership is �13 (although if you initially subscribe for a longer period it amounts to �10 per month).


There are literally thousands of London organizations recruiting volunteers to assist in good causes. You won’t get paid but you may get the chance to meet someone special.

If you’re looking to volunteer then possibly the best place to start is the Team London Volunteer website. This is an official Mayor of London programme where voluntary organisations and charities are encouraged to list opportunities for volunteers. They have over 100 diverse volunteer opportunities in London listed at any one time.

Become a Regular at a vibrant Coffee Shop

Frequently visiting a vibrant coffee shop is a very effective method for meeting single people. Unlike bars or clubs they don’t carry the often unnatural ‘chat-up’ context when interacting with members of the opposite sex. Coffee shops have ‘regulars’ just like bars and are buzzing with single people. Choose a busy coffee shop and become a regular too. A recommendation is to take a seat near the entrance and just smile at customers as they enter. If you smile often enough then it won’t be long before you’re engaging in conversation with a potential date.

London is renowned for its coffee shops. The first coffee shop was opened in 1652 and now there are literally thousands covering the entire capital. One London coffee shop ideal for singletons is Notes Music and Coffee, very centrally located in Covent Garden. Many contemporary bookshops now include coffee shops. However, this venue does things in reverse order – it’s a coffee shop that also sells books and music DVD’s. They also run fortnightly live jazz and coffee nights that are ideal for mingling. It’s a great venue for coffee connoisseurs and music enthusiasts alike.

Speed Dating

Speed dating nights are the most frequently organised singles event in London. At a standard London speed dating event you have the chance to talk with approximately 10-20 different people of the opposite sex, each for approximately 3-5 minutes. Guests are provided with a ‘scorecard’ to indicate whether they find an individual attractive and wish to see that person again. Participants discretely mark the scorecard after each encounter and they are collected by the hosts at the end of the event. Any matching pairs indicated on the scorecards are provided with the email addresses of their matches that they can pursue for a potential date.

There are numerous companies in London offering speed dating events. The market leader in London is Speed Dater, with over 40 events scheduled in the capital every month. Other well-respected London speed dating providers are Original Dating and Date in a Dash. A standard London speed dating event usually varies in cost between �10-�25.

Lock and Key Parties

At these innovative parties women are issued with a small padlock to wear on their wrist and men are given a key. Guests then circulate to find a match to their padlock or key. Once you find the correct match you are issued with another key or padlock and are entered into a raffle with the chance of winning numerous prizes. These events are great fun and excellent icebreakers.

There are lock and key parties offered by many dating events services in London. However, they are much rarer than standard singles events. The best option is to search a general singles events service in London such as Dating Trail. They allow the option to search the London locality for all types of singles events, including lock and key parties. These events may be relatively rare in London, but when they do run they often have massive turnouts in excess of 200 people.

Online Dating

Online Dating is immensely popular among single people. There are numerous online dating sites for Londoners to join, such as Match and Dating Direct. Many of these services are global networks with literally millions of member. However, members are usually provided with the function to search for potential dates in a specific area such as London.

Online dating services require members to submit personal profiles. The amount of personal information you provide is entirely up to you. Members are also provided with the option of uploading profile photographs. You can then browse the profiles of others and vice versa. Most services provide users with the function of searching for potential dates using very specific criteria, such as locality, personal interests and occupation. For example, if you’re looking for a red-haired Londoner who works in law and loves classical music, then you can usually run a search in seconds to find potential matches.

We contacted many of the leading online dating companies to find out how many of their members were based in London. However, the only company able to provide us with such locally specific information was Love Struck. Love Struck informed us they have over 100,000 members based in London and the closely surrounding Home Counties area. This figure alone, just from one company, certainly shows the popularity of Online Dating in the London area.

The cost of online dating varies from service to service. There are services that are completely free and solely rely on advertising revenue. However, the majority of singles are likely to gain the most from a subscription service. Remember, while online dating is a great option, you will be making personal information about yourself accessible to complete strangers. For this reason it is very important to choose a respected company who strictly moderates their network and carefully guards your personal details. The cost of month-to-month membership to a subscription based service generally varies between �20-�35. However, if you initially pay for a six-month or yearly subscription there will nearly always be a vast reduction in cost.

Become a Dog Owner

Anyone with a dog-owning friend in London will know that people constantly approach the owner to make a fuss of the dog. This can be a great icebreaker and certainly beats the standard chat up lines that single people often have to use. So if you think you can take good care of a dog, then owning one could make a huge difference to your love-life.

The first port of call for Londoners considering owning a dog is The London Dog Forum. This is an excellent resource where you can find almost any information relating to dogs. On the site you’ll find listed reviews of every London dog-ownership service imaginable and every article is written by specialists in their particular fields. We also recommend the world-famous Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in South West London. One of their major charitable services is to rehome abandoned dogs to those who can prove they will be responsible owners.


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