Nov 21

Traveling To Barcelona Tips To Keep In Mind

If you are traveling to Barcelona, you should know that you will be arriving in Spain’s second largest city with an urban population of four million people. You will be in for a treat if you love live music because the city offers many live shows throughout the year.

Moreover, if you love the arts, you will love the side of Barcelona that is dedicated to the arts. If you love street parties, you will want to book your stay in the city during September because they have the Festes de la Mercee and it is a party that lasts for one week with live performances, firework displays, beach and sea shows, and many free concerts.

Accommodations: As with any large city, you will find many Barcelona hotels, but you do have another option when it comes to accommodations and that is renting a vacation apartment, which is a better option.

If you are traveling in a group, the apartment definitely makes the best sense because you will save money over having to rent several hotel rooms. There are many apartments that are fully furnished with excellent views, private entrances, and many have one or more bedroom along with your very own kitchen.

What to do and See in Barcelona: One of the best ways to begin your sightseeing is taking a trip down La Rambla, it is one of the most famous streets because it is the gateway to rural Catalonia. It is one-mile long celebration that is bustling with artists, statues, dancers, musicians, and many tourists.

If you like the arts, head to Teatre Grec gardens and the Fundacio Joan Miro, which is one of the best museums you will ever witness as it has more than 225 paintings, graphic pieces, and sculptures.

Churches in Barcelona: Whether you are religious or not, the magnificent churches in the city is something you must see. For instance, Sant Pau del Camp offers the Romanesque architectural designs that are simply fascinating. The architectural design of the Sagrada Familia is a beautiful cathedral that is breathtaking to behold.

Dining and Eating: One of the fabulous cuisines in Barcelona is their seafood, which many find to be some of the best in the world. Therefore, if you love seafood, try some of the cafes as well as the finer restaurants such as Cal Pep or Botafumeiro for some of the best the city has to offer.

Final Thoughts:When visiting Barcelona Spain, you have a lot to see and do, but coming home to an apartment after a day of sightseeing or partying in the streets is the best way to unwind and rest for the next day’s adventures.

Book your apartment early for the best prices and selection because more people are discovering the many benefits of renting an apartment during their vacation.


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